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Do these 3 Things to Survive THE CHANGE!

Flickr, R/DV/RS

Flickr, R/DV/RS

The other day my phone was BOMBARDED with new messages and emails regarding social media changes, to include Facebook, Periscope and Apple products. Whooptie do. I don’t mean to sound sarcastic but the same thing happens all the time if you ask me. Something new is introduced to the world, everyone goes haywire about to pee on themselves and then the hype dies down…sooner or later something newer and better comes along, making it easy to forget what all the hype was about in the first place.

Are you one of those entrepreneurs? Do you freak out every time something new is introduced to the world? Well let me tell you, you’re setting yourself up to tank. Fast.

Gather yourself together and do the following to stay consistent in the midst of all the changes because they will keep coming and the bandwagons will fill up over and over again. Take control and do these 3 things to be able to stand!

Remember your vision

When you first started out, you had a vision – a purpose. Right? What was it? Hopefully, you’re revisiting that every now and then. New changes to how people can see you in landscape mode shouldn’t change certain things about you. If you have a message for your audience to hear and it’s done properly, it doesn’t matter what mode your iOS device is in. If you’ve built a strong platform and established a good relationship with your customers, those new changes shouldn’t really matter.

It’s very important to be aware of tech changes when they take place, but they should not stir the direction of your vision.

Keep your voice!

Everyone has a voice of their own, including you. It can be very tempting to change your voice when new platforms are being introduced and others are succeeding at them. Even if a change in your platform is necessary, doesn’t mean your voice should change. It may be hard for your audience to recognize you and that could possibly lead to losing clients. We don’t want that!

Instead, make yourself aware of the changes and carefully incorporate them into your brand and voice. Will it suit your audience? How do they feel about the changes? Make sure you address these things before jumping into a new avenue of expression and selling.

Always do the research

What kind of business person isn’t aware of what’s going on around them? Make sure you are up to date with the latest activity, tactics and habits of your competitors. It helps you stay on top of your game and make any necessary changes for improvement. Always be vigilant in what your competitors are doing. You won’t be caught off guard if your clients start making sudden moves to your competitors, you’ll know exactly what to do to keep and maintain your clients – without losing your own identity in the process.

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Communication Will NEVER go out of style

Source: Sebastien Wiertz, via Flickr

Source: Sebastien Wiertz, via Flickr

What do you have to say? Do you know how to say it? If not, your message will definitely come back to bite you in the fanny. We’re seeing it every day in the news, aren’t we? People say foolish comments and try to take them back (i.e. delete their tweets and Facebook posts). But it’s too late, the damage has been done. What’s even sadder is it’s something that could be prevented in the first place!

Face it, the right way to communicate is something that has been necessary for years and will continue to be necessary for years to come. You need to make sure you know how to do it properly!

Why do you think PR firms and marketing companies are so important and make HUGE amounts of money? Because they’re in the business of effective communication! It matters. The method matters. Why? Because the end result can make or break deals, create or destroy opportunities.

There was a point in time when communication was a major hurdle for me. I simply could not say what I had to say to people. I was crippled by fear and lack of confidence. My only escape route was my writing. That was the only time people understood me. Over time I had to use my writing to improve my overall communication. Now, folks can’t wait to hear what I have to say. Don’t believe me? Read this.

Communication is here to stay. It’s only going to continue to become more and more important, which is why you must be mindful of what you say and how you say it.

Are you a writer/blogger looking to improve your communication through writing? Read this previous post here which should be a good starting point.

There’s no way around it…good communication is a must. At some point we all need help to learn or improve our communication. That’s a good thing because we here at New3Creationk are here to make life much easier and better one word at a time! In the near future, tools will be developed right here to help you get better at communicating. Be sure to stay tuned!


Value Yourself, Value Your Business!

Source: Pixabay

Source: Pixabay

I can’t believe how long it’s been since I posted here. I never imagined being this busy and caught up with trying to get other things done. But more on that later, right now I’d like to get to today’s topic!

I attended one of my networking meetings today. I’ve discussed the importance/necessity of networking groups in the past, so I’ll just reiterate briefly how they are VITAL in the world of solopreneurship. Being around people with similar goals and visions pays off immensely. I’ve been in this particular group for at least a year now and it’s consisted of the same group of people for the most part, so they’ve seen me from day one of hardly having an elevator pitch, to the more established business woman I am today. We asked ourselves and each other a very tough question – “what would you like to see me do more of, given how far I’ve come this past year?” I honestly wasn’t ready for the responses, but here they were in a nutshell (I’m giving you their titles instead of their names):

Social Media Strategist’s advice – formalize your packages more and charge more because that’s what you’re worth!

Health/Wellness Consultant – Show up to more meetings to use your voice more!

College coach/consultant – Put yourself out there more often because you have a rare magnetism that very few people carry!

Wow. I was floored – in a good way of course. I didn’t realize how much these colleagues were paying attention to me and my work. I’ve worked with some of them for client work in the past which caused for a closer relationship, but still – wow!

This made me take a closer look at myself and realize how my personal value has a direct impact on the success of my business. Starting, I naturally made mistakes that I eventually learned from and have applied new changes since then. For example, I had a habit of being empathetic towards potential clients when it came to pricing. I would actually price according to what I thought they could afford and the size of their business so that I wouldn’t lose them. Big mistake. I have flat fees now no matter what. There are people out there who will pay what I charge because they know the quality of my work and they will get what they pay for and be satisfied. So witht hat powerful feedback I received today, I plan on doing the following:

  • Increase my social media presence. I’ve made excellent connections offline, but I know great connections await me online. In fact, I recently experimented with Periscope! It’s awesome! I will definitely post on that in the near future!
  • Voice my opinion more in meetings and events. I’m so used to writing everything and observing, that I won’t actually say much for a while. Some people don’t get that part about me. I like to sit in the background and observe. Well as the clientele and vision continues to grow, I have to become more vocal. I realize people love listening to what I say. But that’s not the main reason. I also realize that what I have to say can help folks and make a difference for them.
  • I will no longer be doing individual pricing, or charging a la carte. It is the one of the worst moves a freelance writer can make. I’ve seen the work of notably successful writers and know that my work is just as good or better! Why not charge accordingly? There will be packaged pricing from now on instead of charging for a blog article here and there.

Will these strategies help my business grow? Stay tuned and find out!

Reality Hurts


“Reality is a mere illusion, albeit a very persistent one.” – Albert Einstein

So I had a recent disappointment with a client that lead to the end of the business relationship. But it also affected the friendship that was in place as well. We’re not too sure what the future holds, but as for now everyone is standing back and just leaving the situation to have space and breathe. In the meantime, I have to reflect on what happened, take the lessons from it and carry it with me on my freelance journey.

Know Your Worth

Anything that happens to me, good or bad I have a tendency to reflect on the could’ve, should’ve, would’ves…just a little bit. It’s important to do this because I’m a strong believer in looking at oneself along the way in order to learn and get better. Now for this particular situation that took place, I have to say there were faults of mine along the way. I was very lenient with the client/friend in terms of how much I was letting them pay me for the work I was doing.

Never do that to yourself

I knew my worth as a writer and the worth I was bringing to the person’s business. I guess at some point I took for granted that they knew my worth as well and wouldn’t misuse or overlook that worth. Boy, was I wrong. What I was doing for them at the price they were paying was dirt compared to what other freelancers may have charged and they failed to realize that. Over time it just affected everything which lead to the partnership falling apart. No need for specific details, just know that I should’ve carried myself better, stuck to my guns and walked away when I should have.

Don’t get too comfortable

If you choose to go into business with a friend, don’t get too comfortable to the point where you’re going way above and beyond for them and not benefitting from it. I don’t mean to sound selfish, but when you let yourself get used to that you end up losing out more than they do. You could’ve had someone actually recognizing and paying you for going above and beyond and getting comfortable with an unhealthy routine of a client’s bad habits and inconsistency. It’s horrible when they are unorganized, scattered individuals. They are extremely difficult to work with and you have to be prepared for anything when working with people like that. Don’t take it for granted that they will always rely on you because of their weaknesses. Instead, things just fall apart and you have to live the fact that you made a bad choice and now must learn from it.

It’s not all bad though

Yes, there was a fall out with a client, but it didn’t go without things turning around for the better on MY behalf! Right after that contract ended my clientele doubled in less than one week! So no time for boo-hooing. I had to strap on my boots, take the lessons I learned and get to work! Disappointment happens, but it’s only for a moment. The reality is how you deal with and learn from it. Be prepared to face yourself in these kinds of situations. Don’t run from your actions, learn from them and thrive!