Doing the Most

Recently I came to the realization that going above and beyond can have a serious backlash. A couple of years ago, the staffing in our office were cut short severely; mainly because of retirements. So I decided to step up to the plate and really prove myself as a worker and even a leader. Mind you I was already a productive worker and management was aware. I just wanted to take it to the next level. I went all out, attending meetings, staying late, volunteering to take projects no one else wanted to touch and so forth. Before I knew it, I became the go-to person of the office. Whatever management needed at the drop of a dime, they knew who to go to. I never failed to disappoint. As time went by this new go-to role grew. The work increased – everything increased….except for the pay. Naturally I started wondering when something would happen to compensate me for the hard work I was putting in. I eventually started asking questions and got round about answers. There was of course talk of budget constraints and hands being tied to do anything for me. After a while the lines started to get old. I had to face it – I had been hustled, bamboozled, played, you name it.

I was pissed.

But then I had to really analyze myself and the situation. Why did I work so hard? Why did I put in all those hours (no overtime pay by the way)? Why did I really volunteer for the projects? Well of course I was looking into advancing my career, so I took on more work to prove myself to management. You see, the “plan” was that they would recognize what I was doing, speak up for me and then I would get promoted. Yeah, it didn’t work out that way at all. So I was left completely exhausted, hardly motivated and extremely disappointed. Why couldn’t anyone look out for me? I wondered if all my hard work had gone in vain.

Flickr photos - Heather Kennedy

This is minutely how I felt after realizing I had been pimped.


Fortunately, new opportunities have opened up for me that include advance for me and my career (Yay!). So I am moving forward on good terms with lessons learned. The next time I go above and beyond, it will be for the right reasons because I am a mission-oriented person and I have to show that before any skill or project is displayed.

Questions still remain thought. I wonder why things played out the way they did. Is it because I had selfish purposes? Or was it just not meant to be?

I would love some insight!



5 thoughts on “Doing the Most

  1. Hugh's Views and News says:

    The same thing happened to me in my last job. I took on more work, worked longer hours, went out of my way to help others and when I asked about a pay rise or a bonus to acknowledge all my hard work, I was told there were budget constraints in place.

    The final straw for me (when I had taken on so much that I was not able to complete all my work unless I worked for 24 a days) was when I was told by my boss that I was ‘too nice to people and should learn to say no and leave my phone on voicemail so nobody could get hold of me! Then I could get some work done!!

    I think it’s more often, how it is meant to be.


    • Musu says:

      Wow, the nerve of your boss! But hey, you’ve got a point – it’s how it’s meant to be. Things are going much better for me now. Thanks for commenting.


  2. EAT ALL FRESH says:

    There are lot of times things dont go your way. Its not selfish for being more ambitious, especially when you are honest about it. Maybe you were focussing more on impressing than the actual projects.. I am gad it worked out later though.. tc


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